My works

I am 35 years old, and have successfully completed my studies in computer science as a degree in computer science (Senior technician). In my thesis I have intensively with the Data Analysis and Software Engineering. In this area, I have acquired extensive knowledge that I would like to bring to your institution.
I have been working successfully for five years as a database programmer, developer and analyst also as software developer. Here I was able to gain extensive experience with programming of complex databases and their connection to the Internet. I possess wide and professional IT and programming knowledge. The main programming languagesare: MySQL, PHP, JavaScript, JQuery, CSS, HTML and Visual Basic for Applications. The complex databases that I written are developped for private, company and as well as for the public sector. The activity spectrum extends from the Planning and conception to the implementation level.
I am used to lead complex projects and projects taking into account all critical aspects for success. Besides project management, I take managerial, technical conceptual tasks and my true agendas as executives. The effort to cross contacts and the optimization of processes I count also of my duties as a manager